Thursday beach parties @ Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia

Thursday beach parties @ Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia

Some of our beach meetings as Fratelli’s super team, end-up with some crazy fun ideas:
We decided to have WEEKLY parties on the beach, EVERY THURSDAY this summer @ Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia, starting July 9th.

So, the weekend can start earlier ON THURSDAY, with a crazy beach party, just to stir the appetite for Fridays and Saturdays and without being crushed at work the very next morning :)

The Fratelli Thursdays’ beach parties are about DJ music on the beach, CASUAL night out, summer cocktails, live cooking in case you get hungry during the night, dancing under the stars, easy summer dresses, flip-flops and wearing your jeans with pride, bonfire, confortable set-up and un-plugging the stress cable.

You can choose any of the above options, as you like, depending on how you feel and what you want during the night. None it’s a must, except for you joining the party :)

This summer, we’re hanging out on Fratelli Beach Mamaia every Thursday night, starting with 8 p.m.!

For reservations: 0725.510.000
Fratelli reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the locations and the reservation list.

Bring your hearts to the beach, we’ll do the rest! Just follow Fratelli!

Access 18+ || Never drink & drive || We do not endorse the use of drugs