Vanotek & Lori

Vanotek & Lori


Tell me who…is gonna be there for you
What you do is gonna come back to you?

Darling, there is no moment for shyness.
As music history proves it, there is always a good time to dance your heart out and to dance together!

And on 18th of January, startig with 23:00, our special guests: VANOTEK & Lori will reveal the best tracks for you to unleash that dancing spirit just waiting to come out.

Daylight will be our only enemy! :)

At Filicori Zecchini Palas & At Entrance : 25 Lei.
Details & Reservations: 0756.56.11.11.

Yours…for so long ,
Fratelli , Vanotek & Lori

Access 18 +
Never drink & drive
We do not endorse the use of drugs

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Vanotek & Lori
Date Friday, 18 Jan 2019
officeiasi@fratelli.ro0756 561 111